What Is Hair Transplant?

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Hair Transplant technique which removes hair follicles one-by-one from the back and sides of the head and replants them with complete precision to restore your hairline and hair density. It is performed with patented, single-use disposable tools. Unlike other procedures, we performed under local anesthesia and involves no scalpels, no stitches and no scars. Direct Hair Implantation is the world’s most advanced and effective technique for hair restoration. procedures have been developed by the world’s leading medical practitioners. While the scientific principles behind this method are intricate, the concept of hair restoration is simple – hair is judiciously distributed from areas of abundance to areas of the head where the hair loss is most severe and apparent, “with no pain, no scalpel and no stitches!”

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How it Works?

Our Techniques

We offers a number of advantages over traditional FUE. By definition FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction and hence, placement of the hair follicle is not given as much importance as its extraction is. Most often, forceps are used for placement. In contrast, We uses the patented USD approved Implanter to precisely control the angle, depth and direction of the implanted follicle. This creates a totally natural hairline, free from the pitting and discoloration that is often times associated with FUE and other traditional methods of hair restoration. While our surgeons can remove up to 6000 hairs in one session, extraction in FUE is limited to under 2000 hairs per day, extracted in bunches of up to 5 hairs. Also, FUE is compatible with only certain hair types and the patients have to shave their entire scalp prior to the procedure. This technique can be applied to nearly all hair types and also allows for hair transplant without shaving the entire scalp.

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